Rider Safety Meeting:
1. Arrive on time with a full gas tank

2. Ride in staggered formation, 2 seconds behind the bike directly in front of you, 1 second behind the bike in the opposite track in front of you.

3. LAII rides with Four Designated Positions - Captain (leading) Second, Third and Tail/Drag
    - Captain Leads
    - Second and Third assist in clearing lanes left and right of the group
    - Drag/Tail ensures that all riders are together, remain with any bikes that pull over for     emergencies, 

4. Clearing lanes - rider slows to allow others to pass in front of him/her

5. Holding lanes - bike blocks the lane to make sure that no one merges into the pack or     allows the lead bike to change lanes

6. 4th bike holds the 2nd and 3rd places when clearing or holding lanes.

7. Don’t change lanes until instructed to do so by the lead bike.

8. Don’t cut across the wheel of the rider behind you. 

9. Don’t pass other riders. If a rider leaves the group fill in his position EXCEPT for     positions two and three if they have cleared a lane.

10. RIDE AT YOUR OWN PACE : Especially on two lane roads (backroads). Don’t worry about keeping up; the ride captain will wait at the next stop sign / intersection for all bikes to catch up. (THIS CANNOT BE STRESSED ENOUGH)!!!! 

11. The Tail bike will not leave anyone behind.

12. Remain in a tight formation on the freeway and four lane areas. When we spread out other vehicles become agitated and have a tendency to be more apt to do unsafe maneuvers.

13. If one bike pulls over, the rest of the bikes keep going. The tail bike will remain with them to see what is wrong.

14. If someone leaves the pack, riders need to adjust to fill in the hole. 

15. Only ride up beside someone else if there is an emergency otherwise stay in your spot and don't ride up on someone else.

Say a Prayer before starting the ride.